Traditional areas

Support in the traditional fields of employment and labour law

Restructuration et gestion de crise

MGG Voltaire provides overall guidance and helps clients with the implementation of their conversion operations. With companies facing the imperatives of coping with their economic difficulties and safeguarding their competitiveness, our lawyers favour a pragmatic approach.

We assist our clients in the development of the restructuring strategy and in connection with costing, the assessment of the financial situation of the company and of the group, crisis communication, the drafting of mandatory documents, and in their relations with all parties concerned (staff representatives, experts, labour authorities and redeployment units).

We also advise clients on alternatives to the employment protection plan (cost reduction, short-time working, human resources and skills planning, voluntary departure plan, collective negotiated termination arrangements, redeployment leave and collective performance agreement).

Gestion des instances représentatives du personnel / Négociation collective et droit syndical

MGG Voltaire helps clients to define the framework for setting up staff representative bodies, organising elections, preventing and dealing with potential disputes, and to manage relations with elected representatives.

With its recognised legal expertise and experience in the area of collective bargaining, MGG Voltaire helps clients to negotiate innovative collective agreements that meet the company’s requirements. MGG Voltaire was one of the first firms to promote collective performance agreements as a negotiated adaptation tool for companies.

Corporate transactions

Thanks to our experience in business law and our network, we can deal efficiently and pragmatically with the corporate aspects of transfers, mergers and acquisitions, LBO or MBO transactions, from auditing and guaranteeing liabilities to consulting staff representatives and harmonisation of company statutes.

Aménagement du temps de travail

Taking into account litigation risks and new legislative frameworks (overtime, health problems, right to disconnect, etc.), we demonstrate that working time arrangements can improve the organisation and productivity of the company. We help companies redesign agreements on working hours, implement new ways of calculating working time (forfaits), optimise the overtime scheme, as well as providing advice in relation to  compensatory rest, individualisation and change of schedules, on-call arrangements, Sunday work and night work.

Optimisation des rémunérations

With its in-depth knowledge of the constraints of tax and social security law, MGG Voltaire helps clients to optimise pay scales, with the aim of reconciling company interests and employee motivation.

We implement a remuneration policy that is specific to the company (variable, bonuses and benefits in kind), collective remuneration plans (profit-sharing, incentives and savings plans), customised employee shareholding mechanisms (stock options and warrants) or deferred remuneration schemes (collective retirement plans) and, more generally, can put in place complementary welfare tools.

Gestion de la relation individuelle de travail

We assist business owners with their day-to-day operations, carefully assessing litigation risk and with the aim of devising solutions that are relevant to the company. We advise them on the implementation of their managerial and executive capacities. We help them to define the status of key personnel and to design employment contracts that best protect the company’s interests (exclusivity, mobility, non-competition, etc.). We advise them in relation to disciplinary law, the termination of the employment contract and the negotiation of settlements. Our lawyers are renowned litigation experts and assist companies before all of the labour courts on a daily basis.

Gestion de la mobilité

MGG Voltaire is supported by a network of reliable and proven correspondents in order to help clients manage their international mobility policy, always with the aim of controlling the costs and risks of expatriation or secondment.

Contentieux du travail et de la sécurité sociale

With a team of litigation experts, MGG Voltaire represents and defends the interests of its clients before all courts: employment disputes, administrative disputes, electoral disputes and disputes relating to trade union designations, social security law disputes following an URSSAF reassessment or work-related accidents, occupational diseases and litigation before the regional court (challenges to expert findings, disputes over the interpretation of a collective agreement, etc.) .

Droit pénal du travail

Officers’ and directors’ increased risk of criminal liability in relation to psychological and sexual harassment, the invasion of employee privacy and workplace health and safety has led MGG Voltaire’s lawyers to develop upstream counselling and training services (with particular regard to delegations of authority, the design of professional risk assessment and prevention policies, subcontracting management and the prevention of harassment) and to defend companies and managers in connection with the occurrence of risks in relation to infringements of working time laws, health and safety rules, psychological and sexual harassment, unlawful leasing of labour or undeclared work.


MGG Voltaire believes that there can be no long-term partnership with its clients without developing co-investment through training. We thus offer our clients a variety of training programmes in order to inform them about developments in their areas of concern, allow them to increase their level of expertise or simply to be able to discuss these matters with their counterparts. And because they have developed their talents as trainers, MGG Voltaire’s lawyers are better able to explain to the courts the intricacies of a body of law that is becoming ever more complex.