Emerging areas

Recognised assistance in the emerging fields of employment and labour law

Compliance sociale / Alertes éthiques

MGG Voltaire advises clients on the implementation of ethical approaches and CSR initiatives, and assists them in the development of standards applicable to the company by all its employees and managers.

In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of mechanisms allowing employees to alert their employer or staff representatives in relation to  harassment, psychosocial risks or more generally to crimes and offences (the so-called “Sapin II” Act).

Considered by many companies as a constraint, the implementation of these mechanisms can be seen as an opportunity to (i.) acquire effective internal communication tools, especially in crisis situations, (ii.) protect management bodies as well as individuals from potential penalties and (iii.) reinforce the company’s CSR approach.

For this reason, MGG Voltaire supports companies concerned by whistleblowing alerts by setting up a dedicated team and deploying internal resources if necessary (work psychologists, coach, HR consultant, etc.) .

Worldwide project management

Corporate projects, and in particular the opening of new establishments and reorganisations or the implementation of group remuneration policies or other codes of conduct are no longer necessarily local operations, but more and more often require a globalised approach.

For these issues, our lawyers act as true “project managers”, identifying the legal skills required and coordinating the actions of the various parties involved. Our centralised management thus allows for better control of costs and timelines and ensures a coherent and consistent final service for our clients.

By pooling our internal expertise with that of our external partners (including the international network of ELLINT employment and labour law specialists), we can provide solutions tailored to your specific project as well as customised advice at all key project development stages.

Protection des données personnelles

The publication in May 2016 of the General Data Protection Regulation has profoundly changed companies’ management of issues relating to HR data protection.

The requirement for controllers to be able to prove at all times that data is processed in accordance with data protection principles (accountability) and the sanctions already imposed by the CNIL (the National Data Protection Commission) have created a new risk that companies must anticipate as best they can.

Our lawyers have recognised expertise in data privacy matters and can assist you with any issue relating to the application of the personal data protection rules and, if necessary, on the compliance of your HR management tools with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the GDPR.

Plateformes numériques

The development of work via digital platforms has been accompanied by a profound questioning of the ability of the employment/labour law system to adapt to these new economic models. We offer guidance to the players in this sector so that they can better understand the rules applicable to their activity and secure their HR tools in order to safeguard against the emerging risks of litigation in relation to contract re-qualification and audits by the social security authorities.

Fonction publique et entreprises à statut

At a time when public enterprises and the public-service sector are undergoing extensive transformation and when public-sector labour regulations are becoming more aligned with those of the private sector, we understand the problems of these entities (employment contract, transfer, assignment, secondment, terminations, retirement, collective bargaining, management of staff representative bodies, training, transfers of staff relating to the opening up to competition, etc.) and take into account their specific characteristics, their culture and the change management process (protection of know-how and competition).