A committed firm

Whether it’s sharing knowledge and working methods within the firm, organising training for our clients or participating in university courses and seminars, training represents a core value of the firm.


Ellint Award

This prize is awarded in recognition of one or more articles on a particular topic of French employment/labour law (the topic changes each year). Intended for students in Master 1 or Master 2 courses, the aim of the prize is to reward the best articles in English dealing with French employment/labour law topics that will be published in English language journals.

The prize is 5,000 euros, and the winners are offered a paid internship within our firm and/or within our English partner firm.

Voltaire Thesis Prize

The Voltaire Prize is a thesis prize to reward the best academic work in employment/labour and social security law. The price is 5,000 euros.

Awarded in partnership with Liaisons Sociales, the Voltaire Prize has become a key reference and helps to increase the notoriety of its winners and their work.


MGG Voltaire’s commitment extends to sponsorship and voluntary work. MGG Voltaire is an active member of the CREPI network (regional business clubs that work for greater social integration)


Our lawyers participate in seminars and teach Master II courses in several French universities.


MGG VOLTAIRE regularly organises training sessions that meet the needs of its clients according to their educational expectations and the level of expertise desired.

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Morning  briefings, training on a specific topic, breakfasts, “tailor-made” training sessions, e-learning… We offer a wide range of courses that are recognised and appreciated by our clients.

They may deal with issues of a particularly technical nature or, on the contrary, concern employment and labour law topics that can be followed by everyone.

We can provide instruction on specific issues of compliance, save-as-you-earn schemes or criminal labour law. For several years now we have also been organising recurrent training sessions providing an introduction to employment/labour law for group executives.

We also design and provide training for events organised by recognised organisations such as Liaisons Sociales, Tissot, Dalloz and Lamy.

The firm is ISQ- and Datadock-certified